E-FACTOR / Motivation and Leadership of People and Teams

May 12, 2021 by Mentor

The goal of the leadership function is to make it happen. Trigger and control, maintain an even course and correct, in time, distortions or deviations.

Considered in isolation Leadership is the greatest driving force of business management because it is through it that all intentions expressed in the business vision, strategic orientation and operational planning will be materialized in actions.

However, in accomplishing this purpose, managers and supervisors must fully assume the view that their main responsibility is the development of their subordinates; educate and stimulate them; light and keep, lit and high, the flame of the willingness to do, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, everything that needs to be done in the company, within a process that moves towards self-control and self-management of subordinates.

The Situational Leadership concept of Paul Hersey’s and Ken Blanchard ‘s that anchors the process of adapting leader’s behaviors to followers level of maturity and readiness (both on-the-job and psychosocial) orients the E-FACTOR through the 3 steps of leader’s intervention: Frontline Leadership, Coaching and Empowerment as shown bellow.

by Mentor – URM

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