E-FACTOR / Building attunement in the Communication process


The concept of communication is often understood as the simple process of distributing information. But effective communication is, much more than that, a circular process that begins with the issuance of a proposal and is only completed when the recipients of the proposal effectively do what has been proposed, to the best of their effort. The goal of effective communication within companies is to produce agreement and commitment, whenever necessary. It is worth saying: at every opportunity. The greatest potential difficulty inherent in the communications process lies in the fact that each of us is, strictly and systematically, attached to his own ideas. “In each head a sentence” has become a universal perception.

This is natural and human, but communication between us will be blocked if we are not prepared or willing to open concessions.

Overcoming this type of communication difficulty depends, basically, on the initiative of the issuer – the individual who triggers the process – through the search for harmony with his interlocutor.

The aim of tuning is to eliminate noise of any kind in the communication process: to make communication clear and limpid.

This is possible when the issuer, before opening his ideas, points of view and preferred representation system, observes his interlocutor and tries to gain access to his ideas, points of view and preferred representation system, in order to locate initial contact points or area of ​​interest and common ground. The following chart traces the road-mapping to build sintony.

Paulo Chiele
Conseillère en luxe.
Membre du Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN).

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