Gotas de Excelencia en Mentoría

Whole Brain Creativity and Vision of Opportunities

For details:

In the competitive environment in which we live and will live in the future, it becomes evident, every day, that the size or market leading of any company no longer guarantees it’s continued supremacy.

The new watchword is speed of change and innovation. “Agile companies will have the slow ones for lunch”.

The same applies to business executives and entrepreneurs of all hues. No matter how well prepared they are, they can’t “sleep behind the wheel”. They need to keep their lead through constant renewal, driven by creativity and innovation capacity.

The creativity, seen only as the ability to imagine and generate hypotheses for understanding or solving problems is closely related to the skills contained in the intuitive / conceptual reasoning of the human being (right brain hemisphere).

However, the creative process, capable of generating useful and optimized diagnoses and responses for any kind of human problems and needs, in life and at work, involves the formal logical reasoning and organizational preventive reasoning which, strictly speaking, would be the most conservative and resistant to the development of new hypotheses and ideas.

The multipolar creative process, capable of leading to useful and effective discoveries, inventions and innovations, calls for some abrasive discussion between contraries.

This requires the activation of the whole set of talents shown in the figure

Paulo Chiele
Consultora de lujo.
Miembro de Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN).

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